TLSC: Elsewords (full version: THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES: ELSEWORLDS) was the name of an app (not to be confused with the actual Lara Su chronicles app) that takes its title shamlessly from the Elseworlds from Marvel and DC, of which Ken is infamous for using. It will contain at least all of the archie sonic storieswith a dodgy 2 planels added to written by him at least including the Sonic 25YL, with two panels changed to lead to Ken Pender's magnum opus. The reason why all this is in a seperate app is so that he can disassociate it from the main paying product, and make it loosely based off the stories that previously originated from Archie.

  • Despite the fact that it contains comic issues that were released as a product of Archie Sonic, the app icon is a face-up image of mary Stu's remade image.