The Lara-Su Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (Formerly known as [[The Dark Legion) is the self-proclaimed sequel to Ken Penders' Lara-Su Chronicles: Shattered Tomorrows. In his wisdom, Ken Penders plans to make something amazing that'll blow people's loads even though he's too fucking lazy to actually do so. It is also to tie into his star trek fetish.

The story takes place after the events of the first story, obviously. So, anyway, Knuckles wakes up underground only to find himself surrounded by men in dark robes. One of the men grabs a radio and blares Unknown by me (Knuckles' theme) extremely loudly, and everyone starts spazzing around like the corrupted models from Golden Eye 007. A huge explosion then occurs, swallowing everything in the process. It's Shrek. Knuckles is overjoyed to see this,and thus preform the buttsex ritual before moving on. They then both draw Buster Swords and start fighting the robed men.

Meanwhile in combat, Slonic appears with all 200,000 Chaos Emeralds and turns into Chaos Slonic. He then starts attacking Knuckles and Shrek, who jump around like Kingdom Hearts characters. Knuckles goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, fuses with Shrek, and becomes Shucklex. Shucklex and Slonic engage in a badass battle similar to the cloud scene from Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods while Hero plays loudly. The seemingly defeated robed men all becomes super saiyans, and fly out to outer space. 

Knuckles starts doing Saitama's constant punch attack, but Slonic dodges them and shoves him into Ian Flynn. Shadow is glad to see Knuckles, and offers to fuse with him. So they fuse too, and become ultra omega Rebecca Sugar Rose Quartz killed Pink Diamond 2,00000000000, grab the sun, and throw it at Slonic, who dies in the process.

LOL. JUST KIDDING. Slonic deflects the thing back at Earth, blowing the damn thing up. The sun then becomes a black hole so huge that everyone and everything gets sucked in. Meanwhile slowly being ripped to pieces, Slonic and UORSRQPD 2000000000 continue to fight to the death, with UORSRQPD getting sliced in half. Slonic begins to laugh until the rock Sonic threw at Robotnik in Sonic CD's bad ending appears and knocks him out. Of course, everyone defuses and starts panicking. Ian Flynn grabs his AMAZING AMERICAN PENNCHILLLL and restores everything back to normal, which causes a bright light to swallow everything. 

Knuckles then wakes up in the hospital from Evangelion, only to see Shinji slowly unzipping his pants. Knuckles then rips his dick off, and shoves it up his ass. Shinji then dies, the sun shines through the window, Knuckles looks up, and smiles. A vaguely familiar song about sunshine, and Knuckles gulps.