Remington awful

"you wanna spare some change"

Remington (aka the Village People Pizza delivery guy who doesn't know that his pants are down) was a former echidna who was born in the Dark Legion. A former constable, he was yanked out of Mobius and into Pender's awful Lara Su Chronicles, where he looks like more like a lowly truckie than a sheriff.

you are not the father? Edit

for the longest time it was teased that remington was the long lost son of Kragok and some other woman he probably assaulted as well because thats what kids want to read. how this would work is behind mortal comprehension because while the Dark Legion grand-masters did love escaping the twilight zone just to mess with their technology-hating cousins and then immediately return to some empty pocket dimension, its still kinda pushing it that they would lose track of the only child of their next-in-line heir, the same child who coincidentally becomes a legion-hating cop and a major ally of Lara-Su's Father. can you see how this all starts to sound like a bad soap opera when your apply just two seconds of critical thought?

either way, its not known who is now remington's daddy in Lara Su Chronicles, aside from his loving creator Ken Penders of course. its kinda impossible to tell hes even the same character, but one can only hope he now has loving parents who arent involved with the Knocles Family Wreath drama and who support him in his never-ending quest to deliver piping hot pizzas under 30 minutes.