Definetly not Knuckles

Lara-Su's father, please ignore Charmy and Espio they are not actually there


The Praetorian's completely original design.

Lara-Su's Father is the Guardian of a floating island that is definitely not Angel Island. He is also definitely not Knuckles the Echidna, but he used to be back in [DENIAL] . He is the Chosen One in Penders lore. It has been revealed that he has been given the "original" name of K'nox, "a nickname acquired as young lad due to the unusual bone structure of his hands", aka his knuckles.


A picture of Not-Knuckles in mix-matched clothing, courtesy of Penders

External HistoryEdit

In the dark era, before Penders was to grace the world with his "epic" new story, The Lara-Su Chronicles, Penders chose Knuckles the Echidna amongst all the filthy, hideous looking cast of [DENIAL] to be the vessal of his high writing aspirations. As such, Knuckles was greatly expounded upon in character, acquiring a veritable army of family members who all looked distinct and memorable . However, the world seemed unready to experience such a dynamic and full-rounded character in the world of comic books, and as such Penders ejected himself from the book at such a speed and with such fanfare as to give rise to the ridiculous rumor that nobody wanted him writing comics. Not content to leave his magnum opus of a character in such disarray, however, Penders revived the Chosen One in The Lara-Su Chronicles under the generic disguise of "Lara-Su's Father," so as to finish his epic tale away from the wicked eye of U.S. copy-write law.

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond (read: Mars), Knuckles met another techno-organic echidna, who was again distinct and memorable. But there was only one. When SEGA killed it off, the fanatics got the approval of the writers to continue on and make Knuckles even more developed. He had a non-echidna rogues gallery for pete's sake!

Now, Knuckles is treated like shit by Sammy and made into a clone of that Asteroidean under the name of Patrick.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • It is very likely that Lara-Su's father will look exactly the same as Knuckles and will be called "Nuckles", because he's obviously a completely original character. Well, unless Pendork ends up winning...
  • It was revealed that Ken Penders has named Lara-Su's father The Praetorian (which is an original name devised by Ken Penders, and entirely unrelated to the praetorian class in the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood).
  • The latest image of Not-Knuckles has appeared on Ken's twitter account, which features him with a loincloth to go with the praetorian hat.